So I gotta labtop yesterday and I need a background so I though hmm where can I find a beast one…. I check google….. then bing….. then realized oooohhh TUMBLR SON!


Are Mokkelbost’s Psychedelic Collages

Norwegian artist Are Mokkelbost creates elaborate, hallucinatory dreamscapes in his cut paper collages. Stacking subtle gradients of color, Mokkelbost culls together reflective prisms that seem to rise up like smoke. The repetitive geometry creates psychedelic formations that morph into recognizable shapes. Take a look at some of Mokkelbost’s detailed work below. 


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Caligraffiti (by Niels Shoe Meulman)

Niel paintings represent a meditative practice of making the same mark repeatedly until the architecture of the letter breaks down and loses its semantic meaning.

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Jeremy Geddes (2010-11)

1. The White Cosmonaut

2. Adrift

3. The Street

4. Redemption

5. The Lonely Cosmonaut

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NICHOLAS ALAN COPE & DUSTIN EDWARD ARNOLD, Aether (2010)  mixture of painting, chemistry and photography

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Sculpture (by Michael McGillis)

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